Undergraduate Class of 2016 Awards

Senior Project Awards

Outstanding Senior Design Project in Biomedical Engineering
“Biomaterials that Contain Capillary-Scale Channels to Guide Angiogenesis”
Raleigh Miller Linville
Jing Xu

Outstanding Senior Design Project in Mechanical Engineering
“Autonomous Drone Charging Stations”
Mehmet Akbulut
Samuel August Black
Kamiko Lin Darrow
Zoë Elizabeth Dickert
Benjamin Ha

Outstanding Senior Design Project in Electrical & Computer Engineering
Daniel Quesung Gorelick
Neeraj Basu
Alex Daniel Yeung Wong
Kritpasitpong Benjathatchaporn
Paul Michael Gennaro
Emily Ann Stern
Carolyn Nicolo
David Scott Miller

Societal Impact Capstone Project Awards

1st Place
Shantanu Shailendra Bobhate, John Patrick McCullough, Brian Tan, Mohammed Zishanuzzaman, Teng Zhang
Electrical and Computer Engineering
“Right Alert”

2nd Place
Saud Altamimi, Elbert Luduo Foo, Bastien Richelle, Nigel Rodriguez, Rami Tanios Yazbeck
Mechanical Engineering
“Water Purification System for Impoverished Communities, Remote Locals using only Solar Energy”

3rd Place (Tie)
Sanjana Pannem, Jordan Alexander Sweer, Alexandra Dunbar Tracy
Biomedical Engineering
“DOSIwear: A Wearable Frequency Domain Optical Probe for Real-time Monitoring of Chemotherapy Treatment”

3rd Place (Tie)
Brian Richard Greco, Patrick Husted, Marc Nassif, Frank Joseph Schwamborn, Yash Prashant Soni
Mechanical Engineering
“Temperature Controlled Vaccine Backpack (Project Asclepius)”

Engineering Awards

Earle and Mildred Bailey Memorial Award
For scholarship and service to the College
Lindsay Erin Sterling

Ging S. Lee Community Service Award
For outstanding community service
Joshua Samuel Shelofsky

Anita Cuadrado Memorial Award
For enthusiasm and devotion to the College
Benjamin D. Graham

Engineering Alumni Association Student Awards
For outstanding achievement and service to the College
Alejandro Jose Eguren, Donovan Gad Guttieres, Alexander Michael Hille, Raleigh Miller Linville, Charina Edlyn Estiaga Ortega, Sangeeta Satish, Samantha Yvonne Pipe

Dean’s Host Awards
For outstanding contributions to the College of Engineering programs
Samantha Yvonne Pipe, Sangeeta Satish, Benjamin D. Graham

Student Advisor Awards

For outstanding efforts adivsing and assisting fellow students
Shannon Emily Anderson
Natalie Lorraine David
Julianne Elizabeth DePaoli
Christine Q. Duong
Alejandro Jose Eguren
Aubrey Diana Giasson
Carlos Augusto Gomez
Daniel Quesung Gorelick
Christopher A. Jones
Rachel Kinoshi
Ann Elizabeth Lane
Joshua Lorne Liebowitz
Raleigh Miller Linville
Zachary Joseph Lister
Evan Robert Jonisch Lowell
Andrew Mario Marcaccio
Nathaniel Robert Michener
Nicholas Alexander Morrison
Paul David Moy
Charina Edlyn Estiaga Ortega
Marta Sofia Querido Mota
Sangeeta Satish
Lindsay Erin Sterling