Ingalls conference room

Room Reservations

Jessica Gereige said, "I need somewhere to study and Ingalls is a happier place to study – the atmosphere and the colors, the liveliness –it’s quiet, but not too quiet."

Shigang Zheng said, "It’s a great studying environment. I most often come here to study before tests. I can study alone, but if I see my classmates or friends, I can share a meeting room with them. It’s a good place to do group work."

Only one room can be reserved: the large conference room (Room C - the one with the projector). All other rooms cannot be reserved and are first come, first serve.

To reserve Room C, go to Calendar/Reservations. You must include your BU e-mail address when reserving the room and read the information below.

To cancel a reservation, e-mail

Guidelines for Room Use

1) Reservations are reviewed. If these guidelines are not followed, your reservation will be changed or deleted without notice.

2) Room C can only be reserved for a maximum of 4 hours a day, up to 3 times a week (Sunday-Saturday). The reservation program will not prohibit you from overbooking the room. However, an overbooking will be changed or deleted without notice.

3) The large TV screen and monitor screen in the center room can be used as projectors and you can use these areas when Room C is in use, if a projector is needed. For this reason, a large group may ask a small group to leave Room C and to use the TV or Monitor as a projector.

4) You must be a student in the College of Engineering or enrolled in an Engineering course to use the Center and reserve Room C. Staff and Faculty cannot reserve the room. You must have card access to Ingalls.

5) Do not use any profanity or write anything that may be viewed by others as offensive. Please view if you have questions.

6) All rooms are first come first serve for groups only. Individuals may use the rooms, if no group needs it.

7) Clean up the room when you are finished.

8) If you are hosting a group and some of the attendees are not College of Engineering students, faculty or staff, please remember that they will not have card access to the front door of 44 or 48 Cummington St. and to Ingalls. You will need to make arrangements to let them into the building and Ingalls. A Monitor may be available to help.

If you have a question or problem, notice any abuse or something questionable, please send an e-mail to or notify the Monitor.