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Wen Xiao said, "Ingalls, in my opinion, is the best study location on the BU campus. I think people like Ingalls because it is one of the few places that offers long operating hours. Also, the individual rooms for study groups are a favorite among many students. Other than the various study tools that Ingalls offer, and a great study environment, it is also a great place to get to know your fellow engineers better."

We have no events planned in Ingalls at this time. The space is mostly used to study but we had several events in the past and hope to have a few in the future.

Surprise cookies from the Career Development Office

A Thanksgiving Buffet 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 were held the Wednesday before Thanksgiving for students who were on campus during the recess. Below are some pictures from the events. You can also read about it: Thanksgiving Buffet 2008

The Presidential Inauguration, prompted an Ingalls event. See pictures below.

LEAP Graduation Celebration - LEAP students gathered together to wish the graduates well. See pictures below.

Surprise Treats - You never know what surprises ENG staff have for hard-working students. See pictures below.


Thanksgiving 2015

Photos by James Wang

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Free Cookies

The Undergraduate Programs Office surprised Ingalls users with free Girl Scout cookies.

Thanksgiving 2014

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Thanksgiving 2013

Photos by Andrew "AJ" Chalifoux

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Thanksgiving 2012

Photos by Nerry Francois, Young Guang, and Alice Ly

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Surprise Cookies from the Career Development Office

Students enjoyed surprise cookies from the Career Development Office (CDO) in October. CDO staff members distributed save-the-date postcards for Networking Nights, one of the CDO’s main events of the year. The CDO also distributed a ‘Top 10 Worst Mistakes of First-Time Job Hunters’ flyer. The CDO advises students and alumni on all aspects of their job search. The office is located at 44 Cummington Street, Room 112.


Thanksgiving Buffet 2008, 2009, 2010, & 2011

Photos by Andrei Kirienko, Aditi Basu, Michael Baysa, and Kim Win


Presidential Inauguration

Photos by David Taur and Arjun Gupta

Even though the George Sherman Union (GSU) was set up for University students to watch the Presidential Inauguration, over 100 College of Engineering students showed up unexpectedly in Ingalls just before the swearing in. The "no TV sound" rule was suspended with no protest and all studying stopped. College of Engineering students from all over the world wanted to witness this moment in American history in Ingalls.

While eyes were on the two televisions and several laptops, the staff of the Graduate Programs Office (GPO) began cutting a surprise cake they arranged for the day. They anticipated some interest, but were surprised so many ENG students choose Ingalls as the place to be on this historic day, and happy there was plenty of cake to share.

LEAP Graduation Celebration

Although Ingalls is for study and parties are few, the period between semesters can be slow and Helaine Friedlander, LEAP Manager, thought it would be a great place to hold a celebration for LEAP Graduates. She was right! LEAP students enjoyed pizza, salad, cake and an award ceremony while non-LEAP students remained in Ingalls to study and use the computers and, of course, they were invited to join in the celebration. You can learn more about LEAP (The Late Entry Accelerated Program) at:

Surprise Treats

Students took a break from study when cake appeared in Ingalls. One on April 30 from the Biomedical Academics Program Office and a second surprise on May 5 from the Undergraduate Programs Office.

And a cake was there as the new semester began...

Cookie Day

Photos by Brad Maeng, Geo Rubio, William Chapman and Arjun Gupta

The Office of Development & Alumni Relations held "Cookie Day". Ilyayna Sori helped distribute the treats to surprised students who were busy with their laptops and books.