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Transfer Credits

College of Engineering undergraduate students may apply to have courses taken at other accredited institutions accepted toward their degree requirements. In addition to courses taken prior to formal admission, students may take courses at other institutions as part of their degree program.

It is generally expected that undergraduate students in the College of Engineering will complete their degree requirements at Boston University. During the academic year (fall and spring semesters) courses will not be considered for transfer from another institution in the Boston area when the equivalent course is offered in the same semester at Boston University.

During the summer, students may take courses at another college or university outside the Boston area. With approval, coursework can be transferred to Boston University and applied toward the degree program. To ensure that credit for a course taken at another institution will transfer to Boston University and will satisfy the student’s degree requirements, the student should complete a Transfer Credit Approval Form before taking the class. The transfer credit approval form must be accompanied by a course description and syllabus from the other institution. A separate approval form must be used for each course for which the student is requesting transfer credit. A syllabus may be obtained on-line or by calling the department of the school where the student wishes to take the course. All engineering upper-division transfer courses must be from an ABET-accredited program.

The student should take the form and supporting documentation to his or her faculty advisor for the advisor's review and signature. The signed form, together with the supporting documentation, should be returned to the Undergraduate Records Office for processing.

After the student has successfully completed the course, an official transcript must be sent directly to the Undergraduate Records Office. If the student prefers to hand-carry the transcript, the student must request that the transcript be placed in a sealed envelope that the student must not open. Credit is posted only after an official transcript is received showing a grade of C or better. Courses with grades below C are not acceptable for transfer, nor are courses graded Pass/Fail.

The number of credits for the course must be indicated on the approval form. If the course is a 3-credit course at a school on a semester system, the student will receive 3 transfer credits. If the course is a 3-credit course from an institution on a quarter system, the student will receive 2 credits (1 quarter hour credit = 2/3 semester hour credit). Please note that a minimum of 2.50 semester hour credits is required to satisfy a specific curricular requirement. The student is responsible for ensuring that any credit deficiency that may result from courses transferred from another institution is satisfied by additional credits from other acceptable sources (see Credit Deficiency below). Students can check the number of credits posted via the Student Link.

Please note that courses presented for transfer that are taken during the last semester of candidacy may not be processed in time to meet commencement deadlines.