EPIC Curriculum

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Our goal is to provide valuable experience for our students in engineering and designing so they can learn to develop both innovative products and advanced manufacturing processes. EPIC is a makerspace open to all Boston University students regardless of major. At EPIC, you can learn a broad range of relevant skill sets, including engineering design; computational design software; 3-D prototyping; advanced manufacturing; supply chain management; and robotics.

EPIC supports these aims by:
  • Offering Introduction to Engineering Design, a course requirement for all sophomore engineering majors.
  • Serving as a living classroom for engineering design and manufacturing courses.
  • Offering a strong product component to our master’s degree offerings.
  • Supplementing and enriching existing courses already offered within the College of Engineering.
  • Offering a variety of non-credit seminars and classes designed to enrich the academic experience for all of our students, regardless of major.
  • Being available for the use of trained engineering students for independent projects of their own choosing.