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EK 307 - Electric Circuits

"Where Circuits Come to Life"

Lab Activities

Laboratory Introduction

How to Use the Solderless Breadboard

EK307 Laboratory Test Equipment

Laboratory 0 - Electronics Lab Test Equipment

Laboratory 1 - Light Emitting Diodes

Laboratory 2 - Resistive Networks and Thevenin Equivalent Circuits

Prelab Tutorial for Lab 2: (YouTube) or (ScreenCast) (same video on different hosting sites)

Laboratory 3 - Microcontrollers

Prelab Tutorial for Lab 3: (ScreenCast). Be sure to read the lab handout before engaging with this video.

Laboratory 4 - Operational Amplifiers

Prelab Tutorial for Lab 4: (ScreenCast).

Laboratory 5 - Acoustic Heart Monitor

Prelab Tutorial for Lab 5: (ScreenCast).

Laboratory 6 - Timing Circuits

Prelab Tutorial for Lab 6 - Parts I and II: (ScreenCast).

Prelab Tutorial for Lab 6 - Part III (Op-Amp Clock): (ScreenCast).

Laboratory 7 - Digital-to-Analog and Analog-to-Digital Conversion

Prelab Tutorial for Lab 7 - D/A and A/D Conversion: (ScreenCast)

Laboratory 8 - Active Filters and Steady State Frequency Response

Prelab Tutorial for Lab 8- Sinusoidal Steady State (ScreenCast)

Lecture Tutorials

(Be sure to "accept macros" and run as "Slide Show")

How to Navigate through the Power Point slides

  1. Voltage and Current
  2. Ohm's Law and Power
  3. Kirchhoff's Laws
  4. Voltage and Current Division
  5. Dependent Sources
  6. Resistive Circuits and Applications
  7. Node and Mesh Methods
  8. Superposition
  9. Thevenin and Nortion Equivalents
  10. Thevenin Circuits with Dependent Sources
  11. OP-Amps I
  12. OP-Amps II
  13. Capacitors and Inductors
  14. Capacitor Circuits
  15. Inductor Circuits
  16. RLC Circuits
  17. Impedance and the Frequency Domain

Video versions for some of the above tutorials:

  • Voltage and Current

  • Ohm's Law

  • Kirchhoff's Laws

  • Resistive Circuits; Voltage & Current Division

  • Thevenin and Norton Equivalent Circuits

  • Node and Mesh Methods

  • Superposition and Example #1

  • Superposition Example #2

  • Superposition Example #3

  • Capacitors and Inductors as Circuit Elements

  • Capacitors in Time Domain: First Order Differential Equations

  • Impedance and the Frequency Domain



Additional Resources


Logic Notes

Active Filter Notes

Bode Plot Notes


Lab Equipment

Picoscope Primer

Agilent MSO6012A Oscilloscope User's Manual

HP 33120A Function Generator User's Manual

Agilent 33220A Function Generator User's Manual

Agilent 34410A Multimeter User's Manual

Reference Documents:

Analog-to-Digital Converter Tutorial

A/D Starter Code ek307ad.c

How to Activate Code Composer (If Needed on your PHO105 PC)

MSP430 Digital I/O Reference Documentation

MSP430 Timer A Reference Documentation

MSP430 A/D Converter Reference Documentation

TI MSP430 LaunchPad Manual

TI MSP430G2553 Datasheet

TI MSP430x2xx Series User's Guide

Binary to Decimal Converter Program (Excel Program)




Tutorial Modules