Corporate Leaders

The College of Engineering honors and recognizes industrial partners who commit to a strategic relationship with our school as Corporate Leaders.

To be considered a Corporate Leader, a company typically fulfills the following criteria:

  • Currently invests at a minimum level of $25,000
  • Recruits our students
  • Designates an executive champion to guide the relationship

As a Corporate Leader, your company enjoys the following advantages:

  • Personalized partner- and stewardship. A relationship manager will help identify investment- and engagement opportunities that align with your company goals, including research, philanthropic giving, faculty fellowships, scholarship funds for students and outreach programs.
  • Access to top talent & increased visibility on campus. You will get concierge access to the Career Development Office, where a branding strategy will be developed, including a targeted recruitment and talent plan.
  • Developing research partnerships and thought leadership with Dean Ken Lutchen and top faculty at the College of Engineering.
  • Annual site visits and invitations to special events.

For more information, please contact Kathy Lynch, Director of Corporate Relations, at or 617-358-6401.