Funded Projects 2015-2016

Effectiveness of home-based electronic cognitive therapy in Alzheimer’s disease
Andrew Budson, MD / Cara Stepp, PhD / Swathi Kiran, PhD
Business: Medical Devices

This project proposes the development of the Constant Therapy home-based electronic therapy program for patients with mild cognitive impairment due to Alzheimer’s disease and patients with mild Alzheimer’s disease dementia to improve their cognitive ability and quality of life.

Next-Generation, Cartilage-Lubricating Injectable Device
Mark Grinstaff, PhD / Brian Snyder, MD, PhD

Development of a next-generation, single-injection, lubricating joint supplement with improved efficacy, increased residence time, and decreased manufacturing costs compared to competitor supplements, to relieve pain and restore mobility of osteoarthritis patients.

Non-invasive neutrophil counts to improve chemotherapy delivery in lymphoma patients
Jerome Mertz, Ph.D. / Ephraim Hochberg, MD / Martha Gray, PhD
Business: Medical Devices

Development of a non-invasive, portable leuko-cytometer to improve therapy outcomes in lymphoma patients by optically monitoring neutrophil levels, thus enabling personalized chemotherapy scheduling and reducing the risk of infections.

Individualized hearing-aid signal processing strategies for listeners with “hidden” hearing loss
Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, PhD / Sharon G. Kujawa, MD

We will develop individualized hearing-aid signal processing strategies to enhance speech comprehension for listeners with “hidden”, supra-threshold hearing loss (STHL). Hearing aid companies utilizing our algorithm will gain market share, as a greater percentage of users will benefit from these aids; audiologists and device dispensers will see an increase in the number of patients seeking to be fit with these enhanced assistive listening devices.