ENG Class Gift

Excitement at ENG for our newest alumni – you!

By now I bet you’re beginning to believe it: graduation is right around the corner! And graduation brings life in the Real World, with all its freedom and opportunity! But what will you leave behind for those who follow?

Quote from Jordan, recipient of the Excellence in Engineering Book Award: Textbooks can be really expensive: the three I bought for this semester cost about $500. It was great ot take a bit of the financial burden off my parents to make sure I had everything I need for the school year

You may not realize that you have benefited from the generosity of alumni and friends during your time at BU.

  • Were you a member of an ENG student club?
  • Did you participate in the STARS, SURF or TISP?
  • How about Engineers Without Borders, the Rocket Propulsion Group, the Mini-Baja Team or the Energy Club?
  • Did you travel to a conference as part of a student club?
  • Did you win a book award?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, the alums who preceded you helped fund your experience though their contributions to the Engineering Annual Fund.

You don’t have to be rich to become a donor. Can you give $20.18 this year and each of the next four years?

$20.18 is just two wraps from Basho Express, 4 lattes from Starbucks, 1.1 pizzas from Uno$20.18 isn’t that much, but it will gain you membership in the Charles River Club, a handsome BU red College of Engineering t-shirt, and an invite to an exclusive leadership donor reception at President Brown’s home.

So leave your mark and pay it forward so future ENG students can benefit from the same rich experiences you did. The College of Engineering will continue to be a very special place, thanks to your support. Please click visit the Class Gift website to make your contribution to the Class of 2018 gift today!

We are looking forward to having you join the ranks of ENG alumni!

Jinara Reyes
Assistant Director of Annual Giving & Alumni Relations
Program Coordinator
Development & Alumni Relations

P.S. 2,900 members of the Class of 2017 made a class gift! Can your class do even better to help students next year and in the future?

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