Graduate Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Mandatory Fees for 2014/2015

Full-Time Students (12-18 credits per semester)

Tuition $22,843 per semester
Graduate Student Services Fee $151 per semester
Health Services & Wellness Fee $167 per semester
Community Service/Program Fee $20 per semester

Part-Time Students (1/2-11 1/2 credits per semester)

Tuition $1,428 per credit
Community Service/Program Fee $20 per credit
Part-time Student Services Fee $60 per credit

2014/2015 ENG Cost of Full-Time Attendance

When estimating the total cost of attendance at ENG, you will need to consider other living expense such as housing, transport, etc. Estimates for the current academic year are:

Tuition $45,686
Fees $676
Room Board $12,310
Personal $3,050
Transportation $1,120
Books & Supplies $1,560
DL Loan Fee $200
TOTAL $64,602