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Frequently Asked Questions

International Students

Do you offer conditional admission to any of your programs?

No, we do not offer conditional admission to any of our graduate programs. Your application cannot be reviewed until we receive all of the required application materials (for LEAP applicants, this includes an official grade of ‘B’ or higher in a college level Calculus I course).

What additional credentials or documents will international students need to submit?

International students who are offered admission will be required to submit documentation to obtain a visa through Boston University. The Graduate Programs Office will contact all admitted international students to inform them of what documents are needed and how they can be submitted.

These international student and financial documents are not required at the time of the application, nor are they used in the admissions committee review. For more information on the timeline for these documents, what documents are needed, and more information on applying as an international student, please visit our International Students page.

Do I have to submit financial documentation right away?

No, international students should wait until they are contacted by the Graduate Programs office before mailing financial documentation. If you are applying for the Spring Semester, it is recommended that you provide the required financial documentation as there is limited time for processing an I-20.

What is a common mistake students make on their application?

Students’ names are entered incorrectly on the application. It is critical that students enter their name on the application in the same manner that their name is listed on their passport. Failure to do so will result in a delay in matching credentials to students’ applications.

Last name refers to the applicant’s family name and the first name refers to their given name. If students have more than one last name, the name on the application and any supporting documents should match exactly what is on the student’s passport.

If students have submitted their application and reversed their name, they need to contact the Graduate Programs Office immediately and request that this be changed. Students can email a scan of their passport information page to provide proof of their correct name in order for this change to be made.

Does my transcript have to be in English?

All documents received for your application should be written in English. This includes transcripts and recommendations. If your original transcript is not in English, and your college or university does not provide a translation of your transcript, you can have your official transcript professionally translated. Upload the professional translation of the transcript along with your original transcript.

All students that are offered admission and choose to come to BU are required to submit a final, official transcript directly from your previous institution to the Graduate Programs Office. This final, official document should be received from your previous institution, and should provide a final transcript, degree certificate, or other official document from your previous educational institution indicating all previous degrees conferred.

What forms of Financial Documentation is acceptable?

We offer a variety of ways to provide financial documentation for your studies at Boston University. For more information on Financial Documentation please visit our international student page.

How should I report my GPA on the online application?

If your school does not use a 4.0 GPA scale, please list your GPA as 0.0.