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Application Deadlines, Credentials, and Instructions

Our online application is available beginning September 1 to submit applications for the Spring and Fall Semesters.

For more information on specific programs offered by the College of Engineering at the Graduate level, we encourage applicants to review our Graduate Programs page.

For specific instructions on the application system, how to complete and submit your application, and other application assistance, please visit our Application Instructions Page.

Spring Application Deadline

October 1

  • All Spring programs application deadline.
  • We do not accept Ph.D. applications for the Spring semester
  • We do not accept Biomedical Engineering applications for the Spring semester.

Fall Application Deadlines

December 15

  • PhD applications from international and domestic students to ALL departments/divisions.

January 15

  • All students applying for the MEng, MS or LEAP programs who wish to be considered for financial aid.
  • MS applications to the Biomedical Engineering Department with and without financial aid consideration.

March 15

  • MS applications to Electrical, Computer, Photonics, Mechanical, Manufacturing, Global Manufacturing, LEAP, Materials Science, and Systems Engineering for students who are not seeking financial aid.
  • MEng applications to Biomedical, Electrical, Computer, Photonics, Mechanical, Manufacturing, Global Manufacturing, LEAP, Materials Science, and Systems Engineering from students who are not seeking financial aid.

All Applications are to be submitted and the application fee is to be paid by the application deadlines listed above.

Required Credentials

The following is a list of credentials that are required for all applications to the College of Engineering.

1. A completed electronic application.

  • Applicants will need to complete all required sections of the online application prior to submitting it. This includes uploading the required credentials. For detailed application instructions, please visit our instructions page.
  • Please note the applicants' name on the application form must appear exactly the same as on applicants’ passports or official government documents. If an applicant's name on any supporting credentials appears differently than it appears on the application form, the applicant must notify the Graduate Programs Office of the name variation to ensure that all the documents can be successfully matched.

2. Application Fee of $95

This is a non-refundable processing fee and must be paid by credit card. The fee cannot be waived. Online applications are not submitted until this application fee is paid by credit card.

3. A Statement of Purpose (essay).

  • Discuss your short and long-term professional goals and the major influences that helped shape these goals. Describe your motivation for pursuing graduate study at the College of Engineering. You may also wish to support your application by providing any comments or information that you feel are not elicited by the application form.
  • The Statement of Purpose will be uploaded to your application in the Documents section of the application. Students should complete and upload the Statement of Purpose before submitting the online application.

4. A Resume

  • The resume should include any relevant work experience; community and/or professional activities; any honors, distinctions, prizes, or scholarships you have received; publications, theses, scientific or literary articles; and any other creative work which could be used to support your application.
  • The resume will be uploaded to your application in the Documents section of the application. Students should complete and upload their Resume before submitting the online application.

5. Official Transcripts

  • Applicants will upload scanned copy of the official transcripts from each college or university attended. If the original transcript is not in English please provide an official English translation as well. All transcripts should be uploaded directly to the online application: US and Canadian
  • Schools will have the transcript upload in the Academic History section, International transcritps will be uploaded in the Documents section of the application.
  • Official Transcripts are issued by the college or university. A course list or screen shot of your Student Link with course grades will not be accepted in place of an official scanned transcript.
  • DO NOT mail official hardcopies of your transcripts. The Graduate Programs Office will contact applicants directly if there are any problems with their uploaded transcript.
  • College seniors should submit a scanned copy of their official transcript for work completed in the first semester of the senior year as soon as it is available.

6. Letters of Recommendation

  • A minimum of two letters of recommendation are required. A maximum of three recommendations can be submitted online. Letters can be requested by the applicant through the ‘Recommenders’ tab on the Program Materials section of the application. Applicants can check the status of the recommendations and view when they are submitted by using the same tab.

7. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test score report

  • GRE general test scores are required. Scores should be reported electronically from ETS to: Boston University, College of Engineering, institutional code 3087. No department code is necessary
  • A GRE score is valid for five years. The five-year expiration date is based on January for Fall applicants and October for Spring applicants. For example, if an applicant is applying for Fall 2015 a GRE test taken prior to January 2010 is expired.
  • GRE Subject tests are not required.

8. TOEFL or IELTS score report – International Students ONLY

  • All international applicants must submit the minimum passing TOEFL exam in order to be eligible for admission. For more information on TOEFL minimum test requirements and waiver policies, please visit our International Students section.
  • If submitting a TOEFL test, please select Boston University, College of Engineering, institutional code 3087, as a recipient for official reports (no department code is required).
  • If applicants are unable to take the TOEFL, the IELTS exam can be taken instead. Official IELTS score reports must be mailed directly from the testing center to the BU College of Engineering Test Scores, P.O. Box 9203, Watertown, MA 02471

Additional Credentials

For applicants that feel they have additional information to provide the admissions committee that was not solicited by the application, applicants can choose to upload additional documents. The College of Engineering does not require a specific template for optional credentials, and it is to the applicant’s discretion how you wish to format your additional information. We have compiled the following list of potential additional information that applicants may wish to provide.

9. Course List

  • Students who are currently taking classes may upload a brief class list and descriptions of the classes they are currently taking or plan to take in their final year.
  • Please note that student transcripts are required and cannot be replaced by a course list. This is strictly for additional information students may wish to provide on their current courses. Please do not submit a course list for courses already shown on your transcripts.

10. Additional Information

If applicants have any additional information they wish to provide for the admissions review committee, they can upload a document that explains their additional information. Examples of additional information students may wish to include:

  • Information pertaining directly to your desired course of study that has not been mentioned anywhere else in the application.
  • Internships or other programs you have participated in that have not been mentioned anywhere else in the application.
  • Any other area of your application you would like to address in further detail.

Applicants are encouraged to provide only the required and additional relevant credentials.

Additional Documents for International Applicants

If you are not a citizen of the United States or do not hold official United States Permanent Residency status and you are interested in admission to Boston University, we please review our International Students page.

Additional Documents

International students who are recommended for admission may be required to submit additional documents. These documents may include:

  • Copy of Passport information page
  • International Applicant Coversheet or International Student Data Form
  • Financial Documentation and/or Financial Sponsorship Letter
  • Copies of previous or current visas and I-94, if applicable

International student documents are not used in the application review and are not required to be submitted by the application deadline. Any international student that is offered admission will receive an email indicating the required documents and how to submit them from the Graduate Programs.

Please do not submit these additional documents until contacted by the Graduate Programs Office. These documents will not be received and stored in the Graduate Programs Office and NO hard copies of these documents should be submitted by mail.

Helpful Hints

We encourage all of our students to review our deadlines and admission process timeline to know what is required and when it should be submitted

All applications are to be submitted through our online application system

This system will allow you to provide personal and educational information for your application, request online recommendations, self-report test scores from ETS, and upload official transcripts and other required credentials. Please do not mail documents to our office.

All applicants need to apply using your legal name

Your legal name is with your first name being your given name and your last name being your family name. Your application should list your name as it appears on your passport or government issued ID.

Your legal name should be used for all of your application materials including GRE scores, TOEFL scores, and supporting credentials. If you have a former name or name discrepancy, please notify the GPO office.

Your BU ID number and your CAS ID number

Is an eight digit number preceded by the letter U. This is a number that our office uses to identify and track applicants and current students. Applicants will be asked if they have any previous BU affiliation. If yes is selected, applicants will be asked to log in with your previous BU log in and password to verify your affiliation. If NO is selected, your BU ID will be provided to you. Please do not select NO to the previous BU affiliation if you have forgotten your username and password. Instead follow the steps to request this information again. Creating multiple BU IDs will delay your application process.Your CAS ID is the ID associated with your specific application. This will be a 10 digit number found on your application portal in the upper right corner.

If you contact our office at any point in the admissions process, we may request one or both of these numbers to help us assist you.

DO NOT mail any documents to the GPO office

All documents should be provided online with the online application. International Students will be contacted if they are offered admission and further international student documentation is required. If you must submit certain documents by mail, please make sure your legal name is clearly listed along with your BU ID number.

Complete vs. Incomplete?

The Graduate Programs Office will initially review all applications to confirm they are complete. A complete application will contain all of the required credentials listed above. If documents are missing, your application will be incomplete and will not be reviewed until the required credentials have been received. The Graduate Programs Office will notify everyone via email when their application is complete; please do not assume your application is complete until you receive that email.

PhD vs MS/PhD application

There are two (2) options for students applying to our PhD program.

PhD program applications are for students that have or will be earning a Master’s degree prior to matriculating to Boston University. Students in this program will be required to take 32 credits, most of which are research hours, but may also include course work in preparation for the qualifying examinations.

MS/PhD program applications are for students applying to the PhD program directly from a Bachelor’s program. Students in this program will be required to take 64 credits, including course work at the Master’s level to earn a relevant depth in the field. Students will matriculate as PhD students and will progress at the same general speed as students matriculating with a Master’s degree.

It is important to select the correct option when applying. All PhD applications are considered equally for admission and applying errantly to one program does not provide an advantage. Our PhD programs take approximately 5 years. For more information regarding the timeline for candidacy we recommend looking at the departmental PhD page of your interest.

Our Frequently Asked Questions section provides a good resource for answers to the most common inquiries we receive from applicants. We encourage all of our students to visit that page and use it as a resource while applying

Additional Information

All credentials supporting an application must be submitted in English.

Materials submitted in support of an application become the property of the University, and neither originals nor copies will be returned. Application materials will be destroyed one year after the semester of acceptance if the applicant does not matriculate.