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From current and former LEAP students:

"I was very excited to discover this unique program at BU."
Cassandra Browning - BA, MA Psychology; PhD Candidate in Computer Systems Engineering

"LEAP provided the means for me to attain an MS in Biomedical Engineering so that I could better apply my background in computer science to the design and development of medical products."
Matt McGowan - BA, Computer Science; MS, Biomedical Engineering

"If this [engineering] is what you want to do, LEAP is the best way to do it."
Colin Murphy - BS , MS candidate in Mechanical Engineering

"LEAP provides an excellent pathway for non-engineering majors to pursue their technical aspirations, even a decade after college. I plan to get a Doctoral Degree in Biomedical Engineering, and I hope to help develop medical devices for a small company in the Boston area."
Jesse Lock - BA, English; M.D. Pediatrics; PhD Candidate in Biomedical Engineering

"LEAP opened doors for my career that would have otherwise been shut ."
Ryan Wallace - BS, Operations Management and Marketing; MS, Manufacturing Engineering

"Best career move I ever made."
Jayson Kurrle - BFA, Architecture; MS, Mechanical Engineering

"LEAP has given me great career opportunities. The curriculum is well-designed and streamlined for non-traditional students wishing to gain an engineering background."
Tony Dean - BA, Biology with Marine Science Specialty; MS, Computer Engineering

"As challenging as a career change into engineering is, the LEAP program provided the environment and the resources for success - from the administrative staff to my fellow LEAP students. One of the most difficult and rewarding things I've ever done."
Scott Bressler - BA, Biology; MS, Biomedical Engineering

"LEAP was the perfect tool, at just the right time, to help me re-route my career."
John Wolfe - BS, Foreign Service; MS, Mechanical Engineering

"LEAP has given me the background and skills necessary to succeed in technical fields. ...The education provided through LEAP as well as my prior background ...has given me a unique edge in the job market.
Jeremy Colson - BA, Mathematics; MS, Electrical Engineering