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Making It Sell

Ian Schon (ME’12) had some great ideas, and then he made them real.

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No matter how great your idea for a new product is, nobody can use it unless it can be sold at a profit. Ian Schon (ME’12) had a great idea -- two of them, actually – and added an entrepreneurial spirit to his engineering skills to move his ideas from the workbench to the marketplace.

The more you do, the better you'll be.

First, Schon created a new hub design to improve the reliability of a Boston company’s fleet of cargo bicycles. Later, he supervised the Singh Imagineering Laboratory, a place where all engineering students can tinker with extracurricular projects and even begin moving them into production. At the same time, he raised $68,000 to manufacture and sell a compact and rugged pen he designed.

“Taking action is what entrepreneurship is all about,” he says. “If you can apply the engineering calculations you learn in class immediately and think about them in a broader sense, you’re better prepared for real life and real business.”

Technology Innovation

Degrees Offered

What Is Technology Innovation?

Moving a big idea from a spark inside your head into consumers’ hands requires knowledge that goes beyond the workbench. In addition to the engineer’s skills, you need to know how business and the production process work to create marketable products and profitable companies.

The Technology Innovation concentration makes that connection. It merges engineering with technology-specific business courses and an experiential learning opportunity designed to give you the entrepreneurial mindset that can make your great idea a real product.

What Does BU Offer?

We offer a concentration in Technology Innovation for undergraduates majoring in any field of engineering (mechanical, computer, electrical or biomedical) that adds another dimension to the bachelor’s degree at a time when the demand for engineers with hands-on experience in interdisciplinary fields is growing.

Visit the Technology Innovation website for more information.