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Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing engineering is a cross-cutting field that covers a broad range of engineering disciplines. The concentration in Manufacturing is designed for engineering undergraduates to obtain both a foundational degree in engineering, and acquire fundamental knowledge of the manufacturing discipline.

The four course, 16-credit concentration is available to engineering students. The concentration is noted on students’ official transcripts. With an emphasis on product design and practical focus, topics include green manufacturing, materials and systems, MEMS and computer-aided design.

The required courses will provide an introduction to manufacturing, with a focus on the design, scheduling, budgeting, and building of a specific project.

The multi-disciplinary courses cover the main aspects of computer-based design, the conversion of research ideas into product development, cost control and optimization, company startups, cost proposal preparation, operating plan development and supply chain management.

For more information:

Contact the Undergraduate Programs Office at or (617) 353-6447.

Concentration Coordinator: Prof. Gerald Fine (

Students with a declared major in Engineering must declare their intent to concentrate in Manufacturing Engineering. This should be done as early as possible to facilitate course planning, and in no case later than May 1 of the junior year. In addition, students must complete an experiential component related to Manufacturing Engineering.

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