ENG Undergraduate Minors

Amplify Your Opportunities. College of Engineering undergraduate students may pursue a minor in any of the ENG Departments & Divisions, as well in Boston University Schools & Colleges outside of ENG. Minors complement a degree by adding the in-depth study of an additional field to the foundation of an engineering degree. Students receive exposure to supplemental engineering disciplines, faculty and research at a time when the demand for well-rounded engineering is growing. Cross-referenced courses, whereby different departmental sections meet with one another are wholly equivalent to one another and should satisfy each others minor requirements.

Engineering Minors

  • Biomedical Engineering

    DNA investigation, cell biology and biotechnology, biology and physiology, & tissue and organ analysis.
    Application & Requirements

  • Computer Engineering

    Design tool development, automated computing, embedded & neural network systems.
    Application & Requirements

  • Electrical Engineering

    Photonics, radar, electromagnetic energy, circuit theory, medical instrumentation & imaging.
    Application & Requirements

  • Engineering Science Minor

    This minor is designed for non-ENG students interested in gaining a general introduction to the concepts and applications of the field of engineering.
    Application & Requirements

  • Materials Science & Engineering

    Biomaterials, nanomaterials, solid-state lighting, & materials for energy and the environment.
    Application & Requirements

  • Mechanical Engineering

    Robotics, clean energy, design of automobiles, airplanes medical devices, & heating and cooling systems.
    Application & Requirements

  • Systems Engineering

    Robotics, sensor networks, automation, electrical grids, biological models, & control systems.
    Application & Requirements

Non-Engineering Minors