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Departments & Divisions

Prepare students to be technology leaders and difference makers in industry, academia, and government: That’s the mission of the College of Engineering’s three academic departments and two interdisciplinary divisions.

Each of our faculty members has a primary appointment within a department. In addition, and as part of our seamless interdisciplinary approach, many faculty members have a secondary appointment within a division, where they collaborate with colleagues from other engineering departments and from related disciplines across the University, such as physics, mathematics, chemistry and computer science.

  • Biomedical Engineering Department Biomedical Engineering Department Home to one of the nation's oldest, largest and most respected Biomedical Engineering Departments, Boston University offers a full range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the discipline. State-of-the-art facilities support research aimed at producing new or improved health care technologies. Visit the Biomedical Engineering website Read More
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering Department Electrical & Computer Engineering Department The Electrical & Computer Engineering Department is committed to personalized education, community and global responsibility, and world-class research. Students emerge with the skills needed for the global economy and are imbued with an understanding of engineering's role in society. Visit the Electrical & Computer Engineering website Read More
  • Mechanical Engineering Department Mechanical Engineering Department Boston University augments the foundational discipline of Mechanical Engineering with diverse options in aerospace engineering and manufacturing engineering. Faculty researchers are leaders in their fields and place special emphasis on mentoring undergraduate and graduate students. Visit the Mechanical Engineering website Read More
  • Materials Science & Engineering Division Materials Science & Engineering Division Faculty from every Engineering department — and from BU's College of Arts & Sciences and medical campus — collaborate on interdisciplinary research in the Materials Science & Engineering Division. Researchers address challenges in health care, energy, information technology and homeland security. Visit the Materials Science & Engineering website Read More
  • Systems Engineering Division Systems Engineering Division Taking advantage of expertise throughout Boston University, researchers in the Division of Systems Engineering model, design, analyze and manage a broad array of complex systems in robotics, communications, biology, information technology and business. Visit the Systems Engineering website Read More