Product Design & Manufacture

Product Design and Manufacture encompasses everything from the mechanical and electrical components of the products, to automated assembly processes, to the supply chain that gets materials to the factory. Companies must produce their products at a competitive cost, and our programs have been designed so that students gain an understanding of business and economics in addition to hands-on technical skills. As product designs become increasingly sophisticated, researchers in the field are currently working to develop innovations in fuel cells, robotic systems, green manufacturing processes and micro-electromechanical devices and systems.

Facilities and Opportunities

Engineering Product Innovation Center: A 15,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility where you can build prototypes of your own ideas and take product design classes taught by experienced practitioners with a wealth of practical experience. Includes CAD hardware and software, robotic manufacturing line, 3D printers, materials characterization lab, electronics lab, full machine and carpentry shops, and, and a foundry. Learn More.

Experienced Faculty: Courses are taught by experts with distinguished careers in industry and trailblazing research. Students gain real-world perspective and participate in cutting-edge innovation.

Internships: Students can add an Engineering Practice designation – recognized by employers and research institutions — to their degrees by developing and applying technical, project management and leadership skills in a practical internship with a company or research institution.