STEM Undergrad Ambassadors Speak

More national and state standards are requiring that engineering be taught in K-12 schools, but educators desire further support and resources. Boston University’s College of Engineering partners with secondary school teachers to help connect the dots to engineering; however, to fully prepare students for STEM majors, their own teachers are the best lever to do so regularly and authentically.

Through our Undergraduate STEM Outreach programs, the college trains and excites undergraduate engineering students to work with younger students. We offer a short-term undergraduate program called Technology Innovation Scholars Program and a unique 4+1 program called STEM Educator-Engineer Program (STEEP) that allows engineers to earn a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree, and readies them to teach science, math, technology and engineering in their own secondary classrooms.

What Our Inspiration Ambassadors Say

“I went back home to New Jersey to present to both my old middle and high schools, and I spoke to over 600 young students. It was nice to give back to my alma maters. I felt like I was shaping the future generation of engineers.” – Charina Ortega, BME’ 16

“Each Innovation in a Box helps show a new generation that they can have a real impact on the world around them. Showing students the opportunities within STEM helps reinforce that they are capable of great things.”” – Morgan Parker, ME ’15 and SWE President

“Through my time developing new Innovations in a Box, I learned that being an engineer is not about just being a “math and science person” as my parents and friends often said of me, but it is a mindset and process that can help solve crucial problems people face every day.”

Max Cotler, BME ’16

“I am still amazed by how smart and motivated the high school students we work with are. Being a FIRST® robotics allowed me be a part of a bright young group of future engineers, and honestly, they even taught me a few things!” – Kevin Mannix, CE ’15

“With my FIRST® robotics team, it was more than a mentorship; I bonded with these students and was able to reach them. Each week as we built, I saw them grow individually. They were so grateful for everything we did for them in the college application and scholarship process, and we were so proud and happy to help.” – Jennifer Larbi, BME ’15 and NSBE President

“I learned management skills and communication skills that helped me figure out a career path, find an internship and want to pursue a masters in engineering management.” – Ming Wang, CE’13, China