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Engineers in the Real World

Virtually all engineers have a bachelor’s degree in engineering. But not everyone who holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering is a practicing engineer. An undergraduate engineering degree is a powerful foundation for a wide variety of career paths, providing the skills needed to tackle societal challenges in many ways.

The Engineers in the Real World program brings professionals, many of whom are ENG alumni, from a variety of fields into the classroom to explain how their engineering degrees made them who they are today. Some of them are practicing engineers; others explain how they leveraged their engineering degrees into careers in medicine, law, business, finance and many other fields where their quantitative and creative problem-solving skills were instrumental to their success.

These guest speakers describe how their engineering education shaped their career, and facilitate case-based class discussions about challenging problems that their engineering skills helped them solve. After presenting real-world problems and asking students to explore how they would approach them, the speakers share how they ultimately reached solutions using their engineering backgrounds.

Sophomores can then better realize the extraordinary ways that they can apply their engineering skills to impact all facets of society through a wide range of career paths and industries. Some recent Engineers in the Real World speakers with diverse job titles in unique industries include:


  • Managing Director, Bulger Capital
  • Director, Intel Capital
  • Venture Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
  • President, Scientific Ventures LLC


  • Partner, Spinnaker LLC
  • President, CBS Local Media


  • Senior Managing Director, HealthCor
  • Senior Vice President, IMS Health


  • Entrepreneurs
  • VP of Corporate Development, Aprimo
  • Director, McKinsey & Company
  • VP & General Manager, Net Apps
  • Senior Director of Business Development, EMC
  • Senior Engineer, Raytheon