ENG West Coast Alumni Leadership Council

The College of Engineering West Coast Alumni Leadership Council fosters partnerships between the College and its expansive alumni on the West Coast. Council members help determine and recommend strategies for the Dean, and help advance the interests of the College in a region vital to its continued growth and development. Dean Lutchen and the College are grateful for the advice and service of West Coast Alumni Leadership Council members.

Bettina Briz

Principal, ValuQuest International

Chris Brousseau

Global Commercial Director, Accenture Inc. – Spend Management Services

Greg Courand, Ph.D.

President, Founder, and Chief Methodologist, Synergia LLC

Gregory Cordrey

Partner, Jeffer Mangles Butler & Mitchell, LLP

Mark Deem

Partner, The Foundry Inc.

Richard Fuller, Ph.D.

Associate Business Development Director, Broadcom Corp.

Tim Gardner

Director, Research Programs & Operations, Amyris Biotechnologies

Roger Hajjar

Chief Technical Officer, Prysm Inc.

Bradley Howe

Senior Vice President, Research & Development, Altera Corp

Kent Hughes

Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Verizon Wireless

Michele Iacovone

Vice President, Chief Architect, Intuit Inc.

Martin Lynch

Vice President, Operations, Overland Storage

Dan Maneval

VP- Pharmacology & Safety Assessment, Halozyme Therapeutics

Rao Mulpuri, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer, Soladigm, Inc.

Husam Nazer

Managing Director, US Equities, TCW Group

Sanjay Prasad

Head of Acquisitions & Strategy, Software and Communications Business Unit, Intellectual Ventures

George Savage

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Proteus Biomedical

Greg Seiden

Vice President- Applications Integration, Oracle Systems

Dylan Steeg

Director and Kauffman Fellow, Intel Capital

Francis “Frank” Tiernan

President, Anritsu Company

Jamshaud Zovein

Managing Director, Nuveen Investments

Amit Jain, Ex-officio

President, CEO, Prysm Inc.

Alan Auerbach, Ex-officio

Former President, Founder & CEO, Cougar Biotechnology

Anton Papp, Ex-officio

Vice President, Corporate Development, Teradata Inc.