Congratulations to BME Master’s & PhD Graduates!


In this most challenging of years, words of wisdom, accolades and pride from Dean Kenneth Lutchen and BME Chair John White

College of Engineering
Kenneth Lutchen, Dean
Biomedical Engineering
John White, Department Chair



PhD  Societal Impact Award

Lu Lan
Advisor: Ji-Xin Cheng
“Precision Breast Cancer Surgery Enabled by Optoacoustic Imaging and Sensing”

Masters Societal Impact Award

First place
Yuewei Zhan
Advisor: Ji-Xin Cheng
“Near-Infrared Anti-Microbial Therapy: Eliminating MRSA by Bleaching of STX”

Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award Winners

Christopher Mancuso
Advisor: Ahmad S. Khalil
“Environmental Fluctuations Modulate Microbial Competition, Diversity and Persistance”

Kehan Zhang
Advisor: Christopher S. Chen
“Mechanotransduction Through Cytoskeleton and Junctions in Cariomyopathies”

BME Masters Service Awards

Vinson Chu
Kendra O’Malley
For fostering a sense of community for both the MS and MEng students