Educational Resource Center Workshops

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Time Management Workshop
Does it seem like there is never enough time in the day? Are you scrambling to complete assignments and papers at the very last minute? Or maybe your iCal is filled with classes, appointments, and extracurricular activities for the next four months and you’re a pro at labeling and color coding your schedule. What if you don’t know what do with all of your unstructured time? In this workshop you will learn the principles that lie at the root of procrastination and how to avoid it. You’ll also discover prioritization tools that can help you confidently handle hectic scheduling situations.

Study Skills & Test Prep Workshop
What’s the best way to study? Why does cramming never seem to work? How does my professor expect me to master all of these different test formats? How do I manage my anxiety during an exam? This workshop offers both practical ways to study before the test and strategies to use during test time.

Both workshops run through the semester. Visit for full details on times and locations.