BU Rocket Propulsion Group (BURPG) VIDEO: Successful Iron Lotus Engine Hot Fire Test

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The BU Rocket Propulsion Group is developing propulsion and flight systems to create a low-cost reusable launch vehicle, capable of carrying 100 lbs of scientific payloads into suborbital space.

After years of development, our team has put together one of the most capable amateur rocket programs in the world. Our vehicle, Starscraper, is one of the most advanced amateur rockets ever developed and after key technologies have been qualified, Starscraper will complete it’s maiden flight.

Lotus Dev 2, Starscraper’s engine, is a 2,800 lbf liquid bi-prop and is the culmination of two years of liquid engine research and development by the BURPG team. The engine is one of the most advanced liquid engines ever developed at the undergraduate collegiate level and will be what power’s Starscraper during flight.
This video is from our recent successful Iron Lotus engine hot fire tests. Iron Lotus is the short burn duration, heat sink of the Lotus Dev 2 engine, with almost identical operation and performance characteristics. These tests are needed to demonstrate reliable and consistent ignition of our engine. Their success resulted in a significant milestone for the program’s propulsion technologies.

After one more round of successful Iron Lotus tests, the team can move on to longer duration Lotus Dev 2 tests, burning the engine for as long as 70 seconds and demonstrating full performance. Our team is excited to keep pushing the limits of amateur space as we develop the engineers of the future.


That was fast, wasn’t it? Want to see that slowed down? Watch it again in slow motion…