Professors Little, Fabian and Adamkiewicz Receive 2016 Early Stage Urban Research Award

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Each year, the Initiative on Cities provides seed funding for Boston University faculty and student-led research projects focused on issues effecting cities. This year, Research Assistant Professor Patricia Fabian, School of Public Health, Professor Thomas Little, Boston University College of Engineering and Professor Gary Adamkiewicz, Harvard Chan School of Public Health received one of the 2016 Early Stage Urban Research Awards for their proposal titled:

Urban Indoor Air Quality and Urban Indoor Air Monitor

Assessment of Urban Indoor Air Quality, Environmental Conditions and Occupancy Using a New Low-Cost Wireless Sensor

This pilot will be part of an ongoing study conducted by the Center for Research on Environmental and Social Stressors in Housing across the Life Course (CRESSH) related to environmental health disparities in low income populations throughout Massachusetts.

Fabian, Little and Adamkiewicz will install devices in a sample of homes to measure CO and CO2,relative humidity and temperature, and occupancy, and compare measurements produced by the device to those obtained via other data collection methods. If effective, it will reduce indoor air quality and environmental monitoring costs by a factor of ten, when compared to current off the shelf technology. The data collected from this experiment will help inform current and future research, interventions and design intended to reduce health disparities related to indoor environmental air quality.Research Assistant Professor Patricia Fabian and Professor Thomas Little (ECE, SE), both of Boston University, and Harvard Assistant Professor Gary Adamkiewicz seek to build and test a compact low-cost indoor air quality and occupancy sensing device (Urban Indoor Air Monitor, or iAM) in an ongoing housing field study in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Professor Fabian teaches in the Department of Environmental Health at the Boston University School of Public Health. Professor Little serves as the Director of the Multimedia Communications Laboratory at Boston University and teaches in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Professor Adamkiewicz is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Health and Exposure Disparities in the Department of Environmental Health at Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health.