Yasaman Khazaeni

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Yasaman Khazaeni

While at BU, Yasaman Khazaeni earned a PhD in Systems Engineering.

Year of Graduation: 2016

Current Title: Research Staff

Company: AI Composition Lab at IBM Research

I am a research staff member at AI Composition Lab at IBM Research in Cambridge, MA. My main focus is on multi agent, multi skill composition and orchestration in the domain of conversational agents. I use natural language processing, machine learning and reinforcement learning methodologies to build smart and adaptive conversational bots for different use cases. I enjoy being a researcher where I can build and experiment new techniques, tools and topics. I miss the time I had at BU and all the amazing people I worked with, and will carry the great experience I had at the CODES lab, under Professor Cassandras’ supervision, as a torch in the pursuit of my passion for research.

This post was published in 2016 and written by Yasaman Khazaeni.