Grinstaff Group Presents Research at ORS Meeting in Orlando

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Prof. Mark Grinstaff’s (BME, Chemistry, MSE) group has dedicated countless hours of research on the topic of osteoarthritis. The goal is to improve the prognosis for millions of people afflicted by the debilitating disease and to help physicians diagnose the onset of the disease and start the course of treatment much earlier in its progress. Earlier this month, Mark Grinstaff and some of his students presented their recent findings at the Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS) 2016 annual meeting held at the Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.








0ea806d9-b130-4d0b-a066-d63e6c6db09c-409x300Grinstaff lab has been developing more sensitive techniques for cartilage imaging by concentrating on cationic contrast agents. In addition to Prof. Grinstaff moderating a panel on Bone and Cartilage Imaging, several posters, co-authored by him, and evaluating the effectiveness of cationic contrast agents on cartilage imaging, were presented at the ORS meeting. One of Prof. Grinstaff’s advisees, Brad B. Nelson, from Colorado State University, received an ORS/OREF Travel Award in Orthopaedic Research Translation for his work on developing a osteoarthritis grading system.


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