Conference Invitation: Transportation Nudges: Experiments in Improving Urban Mobility

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Monday December 7th, 2015

Boston University Photonics Center

9th Floor

8 St Mary’s Street

Boston, MA 02215

On behalf of the Boston University Initiative on Cities, you are cordially invited to attend Transportation Nudges: Experiments in Improving Urban Mobility, a one-day City Leadership Summit examining the interventions cities are employing to change transportation behavior.

Cities worldwide are experimenting with new ways to tackle congestion and improve urban mobility along with resident health and safety. Many communities are testing novel, low cost interventions to change individual behavior.

Transportation Nudges: Experiments in Improving Urban Mobility will bring together public, private, and academic leaders to examine innovative ways cities can nudge their way to better mobility. On behalf of our co-sponsors Boston University and the City of Boston, we hope you can join us.


Visit our event website for more information on the Agenda and our Event Speakers, as well as directions and recommended hotels. 

Co-founded by former Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino and Professor of Political Science Graham Wilson, the Initiative on Cities is dedicated to the advancement of urban leadership.