Announcing the Winners of the SE Division Student Photo Contest!

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Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 SE Division Student Photo Contest!

First Place: Alyssa Pierson (Advisor: Mac Schwager)

This photograph shows an experiment in progress. Armin Ataei and Alyssa Pierson are working on multi-robot pursuit and monitoring. Here, Alyssa is driving the m3pi ground robot using a joystick behind the netting, and the three KMEL nano quads are tracking the robot autonomously. The grey shapes projected on the floor represent obstacles the quadrotors must navigate around when pursuing the ground robot. (Photographer: Alyssa Pierson)

Second Place: Sepideh Pourazarm (Advisor: Christos Cassandras)

This photo shows Yue Zhang working with VISSIM, a traffic simulator. You can see the BU campus area in the background of the simulator. (Photographer: Sepideh Pourazarm)

Third Place: Yasaman Khazaeni (Advisor: Christos Cassandras)

In this photo, Armin Ataei and Alyssa Pierson are preparing the quad-rotors in Boston University’s Multi-Robot Systems Lab for a test run. (Photographer: Yasaman Khazaeni)