MSE Graduate Students Among Scholars Day 2014 Award Winners


Congratulations to the Award winners!


Center for Nanoscience and Nanobiotechnology Award

Student: Erin Roberts

Advisor: Xin Zhang

Title:  Measurement of Cardiac Side Population Cellular Forces during Differentiation into Cardiomyocytes Using Micropillar Arrays


Photonics Center Herbert J. Berman Future of Light Prize

Student: Alket Mertiri

Advisor: Shyamsunder Erramilli

Title:  Nonlinear mid-infrared imaging on brain tissue pathology: A new label-free imaging technique using quantum cascade lasers


Office of Technology Development Award

Student: Emily Nelson

Advisor: Elke Muhlberger

Title: Post Transcriptional RNA Regulation During Ebola Virus Infection


College of Engineering Dean’s Award

Student: Mohammad Moghadasi

Advisor: Ioannis Paschalidis

Title: A multi-stage Monte Carlo minimization-based approach to protein docking refinement problem
Goldman School of Dental Medicine Dean’s Award

Student: Yi Zhong

Advisor: Eva Helmerhorst

Title: Isolation and Purification of a Gluten-Degrading Enzyme from Human Gastrointestinal Tract-Derived Bacteria


Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Award

Student: Tracy Meehan

Advisor: Dr. Kimberly McCall

Title: Cell Corpse Engulfment and Processing is mediated by Apical localization of the Integrin Heterodimer αPS3βPS in the Drosophila Ovary


Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Dean’s Award
2 winners:

Student: Tony Gao

Advisor: Kathleen Morgan

Title: Aging Impairs Smooth Muscle Mediated Regulation of Aortic Stiffness

Student: Sarah Villard

Advisor: Swathi Kiran

Title: Inter- and Intra-Individual Variability in Non-Linguistic Attention in Aphasia


School of Medicine  

2 awards:

MED Dean’s Award to

Student: Kaitlin Sawatzki

Advisor:  Thomas Kepler

Title: Examination of antibody dynamics after vaccination against anthrax


GMS Master’s Award to

Student: Joseph Brazzo

Advisor: David Gunther

Title: Partial or Complete Coverage of Experimental Spina Bifida by Simple Intra-Amniotic Injection of Concentrated Amniotic Mesenchymal Stem Cells


School of Public Health Dean’s Award

Student: James Watt

Advisor: Jennifer Schlezinger

Title: Emerging toxicants induce adiptogenesis and suppress osteogenesis in mouse mesenchymal stromal cells


MET Award for Applied Science  

Student: Steve Scherr

Adviser: Selim Unlu

Title: Real-Time Digital Virus Detection


Humanities Award

Student: Colin Pang

Adviser: James Uden

Title: Notions of Masculinity in Catullus and Eminem


The Hariri Award for Transformative Computational Science Research

Student: Sarah Adel Bargal

Advisor: Stan Sclarloff

Title: A Study of Spatial Exploration Patterns of Children
The Hariri Award for Innovative Computing Models, Algorithms, and Systems

Student: Eran Simhon

Advisor: David Starobinski

Title:  Advance Reservation Games


Center for Information and Systems Engineering Award

2 awards:

CISE Award:

Student: Qi Zhao

Adviser: Ioannis Paschalidis

Title: Turning Constraint-Based Modeling on Its Head: Learning Cellular Objectives from Fluxes

CISE Second prize:

Student: Jing Conan Wang

Advisor: Ioannis Paschalidis

Title: Robust Anomaly Detection in Dynamic Networks