Yakhot Named Fellow of American Physical Society


Victor Yakhot
Victor Yakhot

The American Physical Society named Professor Victor Yakhot (ME) one of its new fellows in September. Fewer than one-half of one percent of the society’s 46,000 memberships is included in this select group.

In naming Yakhot a fellow, the APS particularly noted his contributions to the field of turbulence theory.

“I developed some equations that are being used for turbulence simulations and design engineering in the car industry, and beyond. There are a lot of different applications,” he said.

In addition to his influential turbulence research, Yakhot studies chemical physics, fluid mechanics, combustion theory, heat transfer, and nanotechnology and naonofluids, and has published 200 papers in these fields. One of his current areas of interest is a collaboration with Associate Professor Kamil Ekinci’s research group developing the theoretical side of their work on the vibration of nanoscale wires for sensing applications.

Yakhot earned his Ph.D. in physics at Moscow State University. He has been a member of the BU College of Engineering faculty since 1997 and was named the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Professor of the Year in 2007. 

The American Physical Society will induct the new class of fellows at a ceremony in November.