Paschalidis Named Editor-in-Chief of New IEEE Journal


By Rachel Harrington


Professor Ioannis Paschalidis (ECE, SE)
Professor Ioannis Paschalidis (ECE, SE)

The Control Systems Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has chosen Professor Yannis Paschalidis (ECE, SE) to be the inaugural editor-in-chief of the journal IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems (TCNS).

TCNS will publish high-quality papers on systems with interconnected components, emphasizing topics related to the control of these systems. The scope of the new quarterly publication will be broad and include topics such as communication networks, cyber-physical systems, biological networks, electric power networks and social/economic networks.

“The launch of this journal is exciting because there is quite a bit of work done at Boston University on networks with innovative and, at the same time, ‘non-traditional’ applications including robot networks, network security, smart cities and networks arising in biological contexts,” said Paschalidis. “This new journal offers a venue for such work, which has so far been missing.”

The journal will be sponsored primarily by the IEEE Control Systems Society as well as the IEEE’s Communications Society, Computer Society, and Robotics and Automation Society. The IEEE is a professional association dedicated to technological innovation and excellence. The group consists of more than 425,000 members from more than 160 countries.

Paschalidis said that he hopes TCNS will become the premier journal for the emerging and growing network systems field.

“Having the editorial office located at BU presents opportunities to organize events that bring some of the leaders of this research arena to campus,” said Paschalidis.

The first issue is scheduled to come out in March 2014 and is expected to coincide with a symposium at BU that same month. Submissions for the inaugural issue will be accepted beginning in July until September 20. The journal will seek articles that describe previously unpublished contributions to network systems research.