ECE Alumni Startup Makes Finals of New Venture Competition

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New Venture Competition Finalists

Congratulations to the 6 teams selected to progress to the Finals Competition on Thursday, April 4!

Meet Our Finalists:

Aeolus Building Efficiency provides software-based optimization of airflow in large commercial office buildings. Our approach enables calibration of airflow rates on a room-by-room basis without the need for labor-intensive manual measurements. We have developed a scalable business model that creates significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and energy use. The team includes: David Cushman, GSM ’14, Jonathan Ellermann, GSM ’13, Benjamin Smith, GSM ’13, Ryan Cruz ENG ’13, Laura Kamfonik, ENG ’13, Michael Gevelber and Donald Wroblewski.

Cellanyx Diagnostics combines nanomedicine and predictive diagnostics to improve outcomes for prostate cancer patients and to deliver personalized diagnostic solutions. Cellanyx has invented proprietary matrix biology, microfluidics and nonmedicine to address an unmet need by providing a quantitative live-cell in vitro diagnostic service to physicians and hospitals. The team includes: Kevin Yu, ENG ’10, Brad Hogan, GRS ’13 and Jonathan Varsanik.

Pictured from left to right, Nick Dougherty (ECE 12), Eric Hsiao (ECE 12), and Gregory Zoeller (ECE 12) designed the app, Verbal, which allows patients, nurses and caregivers to communicate with each other even if there are speech or language barriers.
Pictured from left to right, Nick Dougherty (ECE ’12), Eric Hsiao (ECE ’12), and Gregory Zoeller (ECE ’12) designed the app, Verbal, which made the finals of the New Venture Competition.

NineBrain is an online platform that incentivizes market-to-innovator driven dialogues for connecting need-sharing medical practitioners, with need-seeking research institutions, to create fast-adopting, market-desired technologies. NineBrain’s unique gamification model, along with proprietary algorithms for generating market analytics and archiving intellectual contribution incentivizes frequent user engagement. This creates a highly specialized and engaged community for rapid innovation development. The team includes: Arun Rai, MED ’14 and Ruby Kandah.

Read Ahead increases parent involvement in education by addressing the challenges of language, time and familiarity with education content. This web application allows teachers to push course concept notifications from the classroom to the home in the parents’ preferred language and track engagement analytics. The team includes: Matt Uvena, GSM ’14 and Kirk Hlavka, GSM ’14.

ScanKart is a Quick Response (QR Code) sales and marketing platform that helps businesses increase product sales and revenue. Our unique QR codes are integrated with leading payment gateways (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.), such that when a smartphone user scans our QR code, they can now purchase a product of interest while on the go while businesses gain deep scan analytics for targeted marketing. The team includes: Kavita Mehta, SMG ’12, Gaurav Tanna, SMG ’13, Okeno Palmer and Gaurav Mehta.

Verbal is an iPad-based communication platform for patients who have difficulty interacting with their caregivers.  Our multifunctional platform allows caregivers to easily interpret a patient’s requests, thereby saving the nurses time and improving the quality of patient care. The team includes: Nick Dougherty, ENG ’12, Eric Hsiao, ENG ’12 and Greg Zoeller, ENG ’12.

Article courtesy of the Boston University School of Management Institute for Technology Entrepreneurship & Commercialization

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