BU MRS Student Chapter Wins MRS T-Shirt Design Competition


On November 28, 2012 at the Fall MRS Meeting in the Hynes Convention Center, the BU MRS student chapter won first prize in the t-shirt design competition, beating the competition with more than three times the votes of the second place winner! The t-shirt competition is part of the student chapter luncheon held at every MRS meeting either in the Fall or Spring. The luncheon promotes participation from all the student chapters both inside and outside the US. The t-shirt competition is a fun activity to show the creative side of students. The t-shirts are judged on the basis of creativity, originality, relevance to materials research and modelling/promotional efforts.  The first place prize is a $100 AMEX gift card.  Congratulations to everyone who helped design, model and promote the winning t-shirt!

MRS T-shirt 2012 FrontMRS T-shirt 2012 Back