PhD Student Amira Hussein Wins Two Accolades


PhD Student Amira Hussein
PhD Student Amira Hussein

Amira Hussein, a PhD graduate student, recently presented a poster at the annual meeting of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research that won her a Presidential Poster Award. This annual meeting was attended by nearly 5000 academics and industry researchers from all over the world. The judges of the competition considered the content and layout of the posters as well as the conversations they had with the poster presenters about the research work. Amira was one of the 57 winners.

In addition, this same poster brought her more glory when she received a Force and Motion Foundation Travel Scholarship for $500. “I was pleased and honored to receive the Force and Motion travel poster award. The award will allow me to travel and share my research outcomes with the biomechanics community” commented Ms. Hussein.

Her advisor, Professor Elise Morgan said: “These two awards are exciting and well deserved honors for Amira.  They recognize the quality and importance of her work in advancing understanding the biomechanics of spine fractures. What is particularly notable about this combination of awards is it speaks to her ability to convey her work to a diverse technical audience, including clinical researchers, biologists, bioengineers and mechanical engineers.”

The Mechanical Engineering Department congratulates Ms. Hussein for her great accomplishments.