India Research Group Honors Uday Pal

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Professor Uday Pal (ME, MSE)
Professor Uday Pal (ME, MSE)

India’s premier industrial research organization, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), named Professor Uday Pal (ME, MSE) as a Distinguished Foreign Scientist. To enhance international cooperation with its global partners, the organization issues up to 10 such  awards each year to eminent foreign scientists.

Supported by a stipend and free travel and housing, Pal will spend a month of his fall sabbatical in Kolkata, India to pursue research on solid oxide fuel cells .

“Solid oxide fuel cells represent one of the most environmentally clean and versatile means of efficiently converting chemical energy to electrical energy from a wide variety of fossil fuels,” said Pal. “However, certain common features of today’s solid oxide fuel cells can cause performance degradation over time at high temperatures, instability and a limited operating life. I will work with CSIR researchers and help them address some of these issues.”

In addition, Pal will develop novel ceramic membranes for gas separation to improve carbon sequestration and hydrogen generation technology. During his month abroad, he plans to travel to the CSIR Central Electrochemical Research Institute to deliver a lecture and contribute his expertise to the institute’s projects in fuel cells and batteries.