ENG Adds Technology Innovation Concentration

The College of Engineering has added a Technology Innovation concentration option that will be available to ENG undergraduates in all majors beginning this fall.  

This new concentration is a vehicle for introducing engineering students to an entrepreneurial mindset by understanding how technical innovations are translated into marketable products and businesses. The concentration is a key element of BU’s participation in the Kern Entrepreneurial Education Network (KEEN) and leverages the College’s Societal Engineer initiatives, as well as those involving ENG-SMG collaborative activities and BU innovation competitions.

“This concentration is the latest in a growing suite of educational initiatives focusing on the Societal Engineer, and in particular, on instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in all our undergraduate students. The association with KEEN also provides a wealth of experiential activities which deepen students’ educational experience,” said Associate Dean for Educational Initiatives Donald Wroblewski.

As part of the concentration, students will take a sequence of four courses (16 credits). Two courses – Business of Technology Innovation and Technology Commercialization – are required of all concentrators. Students select their remaining two courses from a list that includes options like Technology, Society and Policy; Product Development; and Project Management for Software-Intensive Systems, among others.

Students are also required to complete a relevant experiential project through a company internship or participation in a program such as the Entrepreneur Design Contest, the Imagineering Competition or Technology Innovation Scholars, among others.

The College also offers four other concentrations: Students from throughout the College can concentrate in Energy Technologies and Environmental Engineering, or Nanotechnology; and Mechanical Engineering majors may choose concentrations in Aerospace Engineering or Manufacturing Engineering. ENG concentrations help students complement their undergraduate degrees with specialized areas of focus and give students exposure to some of the most exciting emerging fields in engineering, while the College’s major degree programs ensure a strong foundation in core disciplines.