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BytelightHave you ever been stuck scanning aisles at the grocery store and struggling to find that last item on your list?

BU alumni, Dan Ryan (ECE ’10) and Aaron Ganick (ECE ’10), are working to solve this problem and more through their company, ByteLight, a Cambridge, Mass., startup recently featured in MIT’s Technology Review.

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ByteLight aims to use LED bulbs as indoor positioning tools that can be used in applications to help people navigate and offer deals targeted to a person’s location.

Ryan and Ganick hope that department stores will replace some of their traditional bulbs with Bytelight’s design, expected to be available within a year.  Their fast-flickering lights would emit signals to passing smart phones that could then pull up a deal offering a discount on a shirt on a nearby rack.

LED bulbs are more costly than standard lightbulbs but have been dropping in price. Bytelight’s bulbs will be only “marginally” pricier than LEDs.

Ultimately, by using Bytelight’s technology, finding that last item in the grocery store will be infinitely easier, and you may even get a discount at checkout.

“We want people to think about light bulbs in an entirely new way,” Ganick told Technology Review.

Bytelight has received a lot of attention lately with news about the company appearing in Mashable, The Daily Free Press, and The Boston Globe.

Bytelight was spun off from the NSF Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center (ERC) and supported by Boston University’s Photonics Center.

-Samantha Gordon (COM ’12)

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