ECE Research Fair Offers Job Opportunities to Students

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After debuting last year, the ECE Undergraduate Research and Lab Job Fair returned in January and continued to be a popular event among students and faculty alike.

Students listen to Professor Allyn Hubbard discuss his research project
Students listen to Professor Allyn Hubbard (ECE) discuss his research project.

As part of the event, Boston University Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) students and faculty were given the opportunity to discuss research opportunities, how to build their skillsets, and ways to prepare a “mini resume” that lists skills, prior lab experience, and interests at an informal fair set-up by Professor Mark Horenstein (ECE).

“Professors give their students experiences in class with labs, discussions, and projects, but in research, the tables are turned. It’s the professor’s world, and it’s about what skills the students can bring to their research. That’s what this night is about,” Horenstein said.

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Round two went extremely well and saw more than 100 students and faculty present, numbers that surpassed last year’s event.

Students walked around the room and eagerly awaited the chance to talk to the professor or graduate student in charge of the research he or she was interested in.

“I want to talk to Professor (Allyn) Hubbard about his infrared detector,” said Indre Jankeviciute. Jankeviciute, an undecided freshman, takes many mechanical engineering classes, but to her, there’s just “something different about ECE.”

“This is an introductory collision event for our younger students,” added ECE Department Chair, David Castañón.  “Freshmen aren’t fully prepared for participation in research projects, but they get to observe and start to recognize where their courses are going and start to develop their skills and interests.”

-Samantha Gordon (COM ‘12)