ECE Majors Among the Highest Earners in the US

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Students work together in Professor Ajay Joshi's section of EK131: Introduction to Engineering.
Students work together in Professor Ajay Joshi's section of EK131: Introduction to Engineering.

In today’s tough job market, students who study math or science have the edge, according to a recent Payscale College Salary Report.

Payscale looked at which undergraduate majors led to the highest salaries out of college and found that students who major in Electrical Engineering ranked third, moving up a spot from last year, while Computer Engineering majors, up three places from last year, followed closely behind at sixth place. Out of majors offered at Boston University, Electrical Engineering ranked first, and Computer Engineering ranked fourth.

According to Payscale, Electrical Engineering graduates average a $61,300 yearly salary out of college and tend to make around $103,000 by the middle of their careers. Computer Engineering majors earn slightly higher right out of college, earning an average $61,800 a year, and usually make $101,000 at the midpoint of their careers.

BU’s Class of 2011 is on par with Payscale’s statistics. Recent Electrical Engineering graduates earn an average $69,000 for their starting pay while Computer Engineering graduates earn about $60,000 a year.

“Feedback from technical hiring managers in the Boston area indicates a strong demand for ECE skillsets with some companies citing an inability to keep up with their annual staffing needs,” said Professor Thomas Little, Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies. Little said that at a recent Engineering Career Development Day, undergraduates reported, anecdotally, that 90% of the opportunities required a background in ECE.

Recent BU ECE alumni work at a wide range of companies and organizations including IBM, Massachusetts General Hospital, Citibank, Microsoft, Dreamworks, Toyota, and Motorola.

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