Announcing the Winners of the First BU MSE Innovation Grants


The idea behind BU MSE Innovation Grants Program is to create a low overhead way of encouraging innovation and risk taking in a national funding environment that makes this increasingly difficult.  Each year we will be awarding roughly five awards of approximately $10k each.  Any faculty member (any rank) in the extended BU MSE community is eligible for the award.  It is a one time, non-recurring award that can be used for equipment, salary for a student or post doc, travel by a BU person to another location, travel by someone else to BU or any other legitimate research expense.  The idea is to enable real innovations to take place and encourage far out thinking, maybe even be a little crazy.  Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Click here for more details on the winners and their projects.

Soumendra Basu and Siddharth Ramachandran
“Novel Semiconductor Core Optical Fibers for Mid-Infrared applications”

Mark Grinstaff
“Real-time control of drug release from superhydrophobic biomaterials using clinical ultrasound”

Anders Sandvik
“Novel computer simulation method for quantum glasses”

Anna Swan and Bennett Goldberg
“Landau Levels at Room Temperature: Plasmonic-enhanced optical signatures from strain-induced pseudo magnetic fields in graphene”

Joyce Wong
“3D Vascularized Tissues from Self-Assembly of Cell-Encapsulated Microbeads”