ME Clean Energy Award for Professors Michael Gevelber and Donald Wroblewski


MassCEC has awarded Professors Michael Gevelber and Donald Wroblewski of the Mechanical Engineering Department a Catalyst Award to fund their research project “Achieving Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings: Development of a Software Tool to Optimize Building HVAC”.  The MassCEC Catalyst Program, which is funded by MassCEC and managed by MTTC, awards early-stage researchers grant awards to help demonstrate the commercial viability of their clean energy technologies.

Professors Gevelber and Wroblewski are developing a new software tool that improves the energy efficiency of building HVAC systems, which is significant since it accounts for 50-70% of building energy use.  Their system is directed at optimizing the settings of building HVAC control systems, which many times are inefficient since they were originally designed at the time when energy was still cheap.   This grant will fund development of a system prototype and performance evaluation for a large, mixed used building at Boston University.
They will utilize a physically-based system modeling and identification approach that can be automated, without relying on design plans or labor intensive analysis.  This empirically-based methodology enables determination ofoptimized control that minimizes conditioned airflow while meeting the required ventilation, thermal, and humidification performance objectives.