ENG Startup Wins Video Competition for College Inventors


Mobi Infograph
The MobiLIFE glucoReader will monitor diabetic patients’ blood glucose levels through an arm patch and transmit the data wirelessly to smartphones.

By Kathrin Havrilla

MobiLIFE, a startup founded in part by two Boston University College of Engineering students, has won a national video competition for teams of college inventors hosted by Inventors Digest and the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance. The company received first-place honors at an Open Minds event in March at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

Brian Chan (BME ’10), Dan Collins (CE ’11) and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute mechanical engineering senior Milton Chan (Brian’s cousin) launched mobiLIFE in the summer of 2010 to advance a painless, Bluetooth-enabled continuous glucose monitor (CGM) that delivers more comfortable and accurate readings at a fraction of the cost of current CGMs. Integrating readings from one-a-day, disposable micro-needle arm patches with smartphone applications and Web-based services, the device could provide diabetes patients and their health care providers with real-time data and triggered emergency alerts.

Public online voting determined the winners of the competition. Other competitors included a Perdue University team that developed Lyogo, a device that simplifies the distribution, administering and disposal of medicine around the world; and a Rice University team that invented infantAIR, a low-cost ventilation system for small children with respiratory illnesses in developing countries.

Mark Dwortzan contributed to this report.