Professor Horenstein Featured in The Boston Globe for Drug Delivery Research


ECE Professor Mark Horenstein
ECE Professor Mark Horenstein

When visiting a doctor’s office, there are few things patients dread more than getting a shot.

But what if you could get a shot that was fast-acting and didn’t require a needle?

Mark Horenstein, professor of electrical engineering at Boston University, and David Sherr, professor of environmental health at BU, are working on just that – and their research was recently featured in The Boston Globe.

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Horenstein and Sherr have been looking for ways to parcel drugs into tiny charged nanoparticles and then hope to apply a small electric field to the skin in order to open up pores. This would ultimately allow the drugs to reach the cells that affect the immune system more quickly.

“That’s kind of the mass appeal – one painless little puff and you’re injected,” Horenstein told the Globe. “Think about Bones in Star Trek – you have a little gizmo and go up to the person and snap! It’s done.”

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