Justin Foster, PhD candidate in Systems Engineering, awarded Switzer Environmental Fellowship


Justin Foster
Justin Foster

Twenty-one leading environmental scholars were recently chosen from universities in California and New England to receive the Switzer Fellowship, which is one of the nation’s most prestigious academic awards for environmental leaders. Each year, at least 20 promising environmental leaders are awarded $15,000 each from the Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation to complete masters and doctoral degrees to advance their skills and develop their expertise to address critical environmental challenges.

“The Switzer Foundation makes strategic investments in individual leadership to improve environmental quality,” explained Lissa Widoff, Executive Director of the Foundation. “The 2010 Switzer Environmental Fellows are pursuing degrees in diverse disciplines and preparing to address the most complex scientific, policy and conservation issues of our time with integrated approaches. These individuals are united in their focus to actively apply their problem-solving abilities to implement positive change in the environmental realm.”

Justin Foster, PhD candidate in Systems Engineering at Boston University, has achieved the high honor of being selected as a Switzer Environmental Fellow by the Switzer Foundation. As a PhD candidate in Systems Engineering at Boston University, Justin Foster is studying sustainable energy systems, environmental policy analysis, and electricity market design. In particular, he is working towards the development of an applied science base incorporating demand response and distributed generation, which holds promise for dramatic global effects on sustainable energy when implemented in both developed and developing countries. Currently, he is focused on the market-based coordination of plug-in-hybrid electric vehicles and renewable electricity generation – in particular, wind – that will contribute to the broad adoption of both technologies. His awareness of sustainable power systems began through his work at ICF International, where he supported the US Environmental Protection Agency in the development and analysis of multi-pollutant trading programs included in the Clean Air Act, Clean Air Interstate Rule, and Clean Air Mercury Rule. Justin graduated from Bowdoin College with an AB in Mathematics, cum laude, and enjoys rooting for Boston area sports – Go Pats! – as well as sand dollar hunting, wine tasting, and bicycling.