Prof. Dal Negro Receives $237k in Funding from the AFOSR


ECE/MSE Assistant Professor Luca Dal Negro recently secured $237,000 in funding from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research in support of his research on “1.54 Micrometer Optical Gain in Silicon and Germanium-based Structures for Optical Amplification and Electrically Pumped Lasers.”

By combining state of the art ultrafast optical gain spectroscopy, electrical device characterization and computational activities, this project aims at the design and development of Ge and rare earth-doped Si nanocrystals lasers in the 1.54 micormeters spectral region. These novel materials structures enable low-?eld electrical pumping and optical gain form direct bandgap in Ge-based structures and Si nanoparticles in Si/Si-rich nitrides coupled to rare earth atoms such as Er and Nd.