Professor Xin Zhang Wins AEC Award


Photo of Xin Zhang
Professor Xin Zhang

The Advanced Energy Consortium (AEC) has awarded a grant to fund Professor Xin Zhang’s research, “Coupled Evanescent Field Micro-Resonators for Downhole Data Relay“.  AEC is a research consortium dedicated to the development of subsurface micro- and nanosensors that can help characterize the reservoir rock formation and its contents in three dimensional space.  Members of the privately funded consortium include: BP America Inc., Baker Hughes Incorporated, ConocoPhillips, Halliburton Energy Services Inc., Marathon Oil Corp., Occidental Oil and Gas, Petrobras, Schlumberger, Shell, and Total, etc.  AEC funds research for the development of micro- and nanoscale technologies and materials to enable enhanced hydrocarbon detection in conventional reservoirs.  Industry geoscientists believe that more oil and gas can be extracted by improving their understanding of the chemical and physical properties of existing oil and gas reservoirs.  Even using sophisticated primary, secondary and tertiary enhanced recovery techniques, oil (and gas) is left behind.  Locating the remaining petroleum and natural gas—billions of barrels of potentially available supply—is the primary research objective of the Advanced Energy Consortium (AEC).