ME Grad Student Receives a Draper Fellowship


Else Frohlich-f

ME graduate student Else Frohlich has been named the recipient of a Draper Fellowship.  Else received her BS in Biomedical Engineering at Boston University in May 2009.  She was offered an appointment as a Draper Laboratory Fellow in connection with her graduate studies in the Mechanical Engineering department at Boston University.  It is expected that her research will result in a graduate thesis that will be jointly supervised by her advisor Prof. Xin Zhang and Drs. Joe Charest and Sarah Tao at Draper Laboratory.  Else has a strong background in bioengineering with an interest in MEMS and nanotechnology as applied to biology and biomedicine.  In a broad sense, her project will focus on micro and nano-scale molding of polymer devices and studying the function of cells cultured within the devices.  More specifically, the project will characterize the response of cells to biophysical parameters controlled by the devices, such as flow-induced shear stress and mechanical structure of cell-adhesion surfaces.