ECE Graduate Student Wins Best Paper Award at II-VI Workshop

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Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering graduate student Michele Moresco was recently named as the winner of the W.E. Spicer Award at the 2009 II-VI Workshop. The award, which is given for the best student paper presented at the workshop, carries with it a cash prize and a plaque commemorating it’s namesake’s memory.

Moresco’s paper, “Full-Band Monte Carlo Simulation of HgCdTe APDs [avalanche photodetectors],” aims to provide a theoretical model of the operation of both e-APD and h-APD that is as much as possible free from fitting parameters and can be used to predict the multiplication gain and noise factor of devices with arbitrary structures. Past theoretical studies have evaluated the performance of electron-initiated APD, but these studies relied on a significant number of assumptions and fitting parameters that require a substantial amount of experimental information.

APDs based on HgCdTe have been the focus of a significant research effort because of the potential use in many imaging applications in the short- and mid-infrared spectral region. The most attractive feature of these devices is the potential for single carrier ionization when electrons are used as the primary injection carrier.

This research was conducted under the supervision of ECE Associate Professor Enrico Bellotti and in collaboration with ECE research associate Francesco Bertazzi, ECE research assistant Michele Penna, and Professor Michele Goano of the Politecnico di Torino.

The workshop was held from October 6-8, 2009 in Chicago.