Professor Morgan Awarded Tenure and Promotion


Professor Elise MorganProfessor Elise Morgan has been awarded a tenure and promoted to the rank of Associate Professor by Boston University’s Board of Trustees.

Professor Morgan received her PhD from University of California, Berkeley in 2003 and joined Boston University the following year, first in the Biomedical Engineering Department and since 2008 in the Mechanical Engineering Department. She was the recipient of the Young Investigator Research Award from the International Osteoporosis Foundation and Servier Research Group in 2005. Last year, BU College of Engineering awarded her the Early Career Research Excellence Award, and this year the 2009 Dean’s Catalyst Award for her research work with Robin Cleveland on the effects of shock wave therapy (SWT) on non-union bone fractures, a condition where bone’s natural repair process of stops.

Professor Elise Morgan’s research focuses on the interplay between the mechanical behavior, structure, and biological function of tissues. She uses methods from engineering mechanics, materials science, and cell and molecular biology to investigate how mechanical “signals” (forces and displacements) contribute to the development, adaptation, degeneration, and regeneration of bone and cartilage. This work involves experimentation, computational modeling, and theoretical analysis. Through her research, Professor Morgan hopes to gain insight into causes and potential treatments for diseases or conditions such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and impaired bone healing.